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Artur Woźniak

'Seek first to understand, then to be understood' is one of my life principles. I was more than happy to find my motto in Codetain’s work politics, as well. We’re systematically arranging knowledge sharing sessions. Since we all are so different, it’s exciting to get to hear what my colleagues have to say. Intelligent people, self-development, and great quality computer hardware are my daily motivation to work here! In my spare time, I’m cutting off the world and go for a long walk, play tennis with my wife, cook dinner or let my inner child spend hours gaming on PS4.


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React / Gatsby / Redux / Mobx / styled-components / SASS


Open source / GraphQL / Jest / Enzyme / Cypress / ESLint / Webpack / Git / Docker / Netlify

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Why is setState giving me the wrong value?

In the React environment, working with properties and states is an obvious thing, because both props and states represent rendered values, i.e., what’s currently seen on the screen. To apply...

Quick Tips: how to render components conditional?

Hello again! I like to keep my promises — that is why in this quick tip, I will present a way to render different components when you click/chose a specific option from navigation.

Quick Tips: using forwardRef to measure element height dynamically

Hello there :) Last time, I promised to explain why I used React.forwardref() in the Navigation component.

End-to-end from the first step for as long as you need

As a reliable software company we’re focused on delivering the best quality IT services. However, we’ve discovered that programming skills give us a very particular opportunity...

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