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Backend Engineer

Miłosz Martynow

I am an Engineer and Physicist who has experience in Academic and Industry Research and Development targeted tasks. I am PhD in Theoretical Physics (Computational Quantum Mechanics) at Gdańsk University of Technology and Software Engineer at Codetain. Both gives me a deep understanding of high complexity of the world around us and scientific processes used to explore it. I am passionate of Physics, Mathematics, Computer Vision, Data Analysis, Optimization Processes and Physical Modeling techniques. Additionally, during e.g. academia role, I proof to myself that I am very enjoying to work with people, share my knowledge and gain new one. Since I can remember, Astrophysics, Environmental and Computational Physics were my main state of the interests and I have always dream of working on something worldwide and pushing humankind further.


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Technology stack


Python / Numpy / Pandas / SciPy / TensorFlow / OpenCV


Hardware / Raspberry Pi / Nvidia Jetson / Optics / Simulations

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