Paweł Gągorowski

Backend Developer

My programming adventure started with Arduino and RaspberryPI projects. At first, the robots I made were pretty sh… well, not of the best quality. But I didn’t give up. They didn’t work as I hoped, but it still was a huge self-learning experience. I think every developer has their own particular interests in programming — mine is definitely speech processing. My favourite piece of technology? Smart speakers! Do I have too many of them? Nooo… Next to programming, it’s sports that play an important role in my life. Right now, it’s gym and cycling mostly, but I also used to play football. I really enjoy developing my English… and learning in general! I’m always hungry for knowledge and I love sharing with others what I know and I’m good at. One of the most important values in my life is constant development. Not striving for perfection, though, but staying open-minded and open for constructive criticism.

My technology stack


Node.js / TypeScript


PostgreSQL / MongoDB / Redis


Sequelize / ESLint / Jest / NPM / Git

My contributions


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