Junior Frontend Developer

Junior Frontend Developer

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Are you a Junior React frontend developer looking for work? We have some good news for you! We’re excited to announce that our Frontend Team keeps growing and we don’t want it to stop. Currently, we’re working on an electromobility-related project. We have no doubt that electromobility is the industry of the future. That’s why we’re looking for more help here—we need your superpowers!


Interested in our technology stack? Here’s a list of the tools we use on the current projects and ideal skills of our possible new teammate.


  • HTML5 and CSS3 (SASS, naming conventions, etc.),
  • basic knowledge of React framework and JavaScript language,
  • basic knowledge of GIT,
  • practice in using ECMAScript 6+,
  • eye for detail,
  • we’re in collaboration with a foreign client, so you have to be prepared to use English on a daily basis.


  • knowledge of common JS libraries (lodash, date-fns, formik, etc.),
  • basic knowledge of state management patterns and solutions (Redux, Mobx, ContextAPI, etc.),
  • basic knowledge of E2E testing and unit testing (Cypress, Jest, Enzyme, React Testing Library, etc.),

Joining Codetain as a Junior Frontend Developer means:

  • working among experienced developers passionate about programming,
  • still developing your hard and soft skills both in internal trainings and at conferences,
  • developing your programming skills and knowledge around people eager to share their experiences with you,
  • taking part in a prospective and stable project,
  • able to co-create your career path and we’ll help you set clear goals,
  • working on a great quality gear, such as Macbook Pro, Dell monitors, etc.,
  • properly onboarded and fully supported by the project leader.

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