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Being socially and environmentally responsible is one thing. But taking steps to make actual changes is much more challenging. Happily, we were born to face challenges!

Codetain is not only highly skilled programmers. When we say that IT means people, we really mean it. Our team consists of people with common objectives and vision for the future.

And we have a proof of that — our work!

Porto Santo

Client: The Mobility House

Node.js / React / AWS

Together with The Mobility House, we’re happy to be a part of the Porto Santo Island project. Groupe Renault and Empresa de Electricidade da Madeira decided to cooperate to create the first smart island that would be CO2-free. The project is called Smart Fossil Free Island and is still being developed, i.a., with our help.

design - consult - code - maintain


Client: The Mobility House

Node.js / React / AWS

On a fossil free island, there are electric vehicles (EVs) only which need custom-built chargers. For the charging station, we’ve coded a special program — an app called Charge Pilot. Besides Madeira, you can see our work in Amsterdam, Mannheim or Heidelberg. Electric buses that run there use Charge Pilot, as well. Our app decreased the level of energy that the buses need by 80%!

design - consult - code - maintain


Client: The Mobility House

PHP / Magento 2

Great solutions should be accessible to all of us. That's why The Mobility House decided to sell high quality products and services related to electromobility. It’s possible thanks to the eCommerce system which The Mobility House is running with our help. We’re taking care of all the technical aspects of the project so our client can focus on the sale process only. As experienced Magento 2 developers, we maintain the whole system, extend it, and try to provide the best shopping experience for the customers of The Mobility House.

consult - code - maintain

My Home Garage

Node.js / React Native / AWS

Private electric cars need different, simpler solutions than electric buses. Your own EV would require a home-adapted charging station. That gave us an inspiration to create an app similar to Charge Pilot. We called it My Home Garage. However, My Home Garage is still being tested and we’re doing our best to improve it. We want our programs to be 100% reliable!

design - consult - code - maintain

Energy Market

Node.js / React / Python / AWS

Imagine being in charge of a huge battery storage where you’re responsible for electricity sales and an appropriate energy distribution among monitored devices. Stationary storage administrators need a solid support of a reliable software that enables a clear insight into all the needed specific data. Having that in mind, we created the Energy Market app.

design - consult - code - maintain

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