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Backend Developer

Artur Kurdyk

I don’t know how it feels to get bored. On the one hand, I like spending my time taking pictures, creating computer graphics, and reading sci-fi or crime novels. On the other hand, I need a little adrenaline and energy boost — kettlebell trainings, calisthenics, playing football, mountain cycling, and motorcycle speedway. I used to wonder how it happened that, on top of that, I became a programmer. But since I started working at Codetain it seems so natural to me. Each team is deeply involved in the company’s development and we all do support each other. Being a part of Codetain is not just IT and programming — it’s a lifestyle!


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Technology stack


Node.js / Express


MySQL / PostgreSQL / ElasticSearch / RabbitMQ / Redis


Balena / Git / ESLint / Docker / Postman / Kibana / Windows ActiveDirectory / Advanced Networking / Photoshop / CorelDraw

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End-to-end from the first step for as long as you need

As a reliable software company we’re focused on delivering the best quality IT services. However, we’ve discovered that programming skills give us a very particular opportunity...

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