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Here are the basic work areas we can help develop.

Code Review

At the very beginning of cooperation, we organise a series of free consultations. The initial consultations include athorough code review of your project.

Web and API Development

The frontend and backend teams take good care of the Website and Server-Side which includes preparing the design, developing a client-oriented Server-Side Logic, and providing long-term support.


Our DevOps Team will create the whole infrastructure for your project with original and solid code. It’s also crucial to have an ongoing support from programmers who know the code like the back of their hand!


The offer includes implementing your store with Magento 2 and Magento 1 to Magento 2 store transfer. Of course, we’ll be happy to provide you with our long-term support in this case, as well.

End-to-End: from the first step for as long as you need

We’ve created this website to show you how we can help you what technologies we use to implement your ideas, and to present to you who exactly you’d be dealing with. Below, you can also find more information about the E2E process.


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  • consult
  • design
  • code
  • maintain
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We’re here for you from the very scratch of your project

Before making any arrangements we’d like to get involved into your vision and goals. We want to know at what stage of the project you already are, what your needs and expectations are, and why you decided to create it at all. Only after understanding your idea we can plan the collaboration further.

There are three basic business models we offer

Autonomic Team

An autonomic team is still set up and lead having your requirements and expectations in mind. However, you leave the project management, selection of members, and leading the team to us entirely.

Team Extension

Have you already created a team within your company, but noticed that your people would use extra support? We’ll be happy to get on board and help you out — regardless of whether you need just one additional soldier or more!

Dedicated Team

Together, we assign our people that will fit the projects most accurately. From that moment, they are a team under your management, 100% dedicated to your project only.

our technology stack


JavaScript / TypeScript / C# / Python / PHP

Frameworks and tools

React / Gatsby / React Native / Redux / Express.js / .NET Core / FastAPI / TensorFlow / GraphQL / Magento 2 / Laravel / Symfony

Tests and infrastructure / Jest / Mocha / Netlify / Docker / AWS / CircleCI / Redis / PostgreSQL / RabbitMQ / Elasticsearch

Other utils

GitHub / Jira / Slack / Scrum


Test us!

Creating and developing a complex project is an exciting challenge, but also a huge responsibility. You sure want to cooperate with trustworthy people only. Keeping that in mind, we decided to extend our offer by a free 3-day trial period.

You can test us for three days and give us your final decision after the trial period.

We worked for


Work withus!


If you’re still unsure if you’d like to collaborate or have any questions, just get in touch! We’ll be happy to schedule a meeting with you anytime! Click the button for contact information. We’re waiting to hear from you.

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