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Web development

We are an independent team that delivers software from design to implementation to further maintenance and development. We believe that our passion and willingness to constantly learn new technologies makes us capable of creating software of the highest quality.

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Why invest in web application development

Nowadays, the demand for web applications is increasing all the time, and we are already departing from classic desktop applications. Most services have been moved to users' browsers. Even before the pandemic, many businesses were already operating online, but it has made this trend accelerate even further. User requirements are increasing and applications are becoming more complex. We deliver full-stack, secure and high-performance web application solutions for business. Our backend and frontend developers know how to build reliable, scalable and secure systems which meet customers requirements and expectations.


Gear for the green revolution

Our tech-stack

Our goal is to transform business needs into digital products. We select the right technologies to meet the client's expectations for the product. We specialize in the following technologies, but are open to other languages and frameworks to keep up with technology developments. Using our skills, we form one efficient team, consisting of specialists from each domain.


Every web application interface should start with the design. Before implementation, we determine the client's requirements and create a modern and functional design that will meet their expectations. In the day-to-day work of the frontend team, we use the currently most popular web application development framework. However, React is not just a library - it's a whole ecosystem of tools that we use during application development - from application styling to communication with the backend. We implement all applications using TypeScript to avoid unnecessary mistakes at the development stage. We pay great attention to details and intuitive operation of the application.

Technology stack:


Our team of backend developers consists of high-level professionals, mainly developing software in TypeScript and Python. Our approach to developing backend solutions starts with determining with the entire team the actors who will use a given application. We then design the system based on the characteristics of the system's architecture based on the client's requirements. Once the characteristics are determined, we create a document containing technical details like an architectural drawing and proposed selected technologies to solve the given challenges.

Technology stack:

Message Brokers / Cache / Databases / Serverless Stack


Our DevOps team has one goal - to provide the best possible infrastructure, stable, reliable and scalable for our frontend and backend solutions. DevOps in our team works closely with other members of the team, creating CI/CD environments to work smoothly and preparing the cloud architecture under the system under development. We prefer the cloud-first approach where we are able to test our solutions on a mapped real environment. It is also worth mentioning that monitoring of our systems is very important to us, we always create monitoring that is simple for each team member and helps to quickly track down failures or optimize the system for better performance.

Technology stack:

Our approach

Take your business a level higher by investing in a high-performance web application solutions

Pair Programming

We rely on teamwork when solving problems. As a result, everyone learns faster.

Code Reviews

Review of implemented code by other developers is the basis of good quality.

Architecture Design

It is important for us to design well an architecture that is stable, scalable and meets customer requirements.

Testing Applications

We write unit tests, integration tests and E2E for functionality.


Conversation is important, we openly discuss with the customer trying to find a common language in creating a great solution.


What our clients have to say

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Node.js / React / AWS

On a fossil free island, there are electric vehicles (EVs) only which need custom-built chargers. For the charging station, we’ve coded a special program — an app called Charge Pilot. Besides Madeira, you can see our work in Amsterdam, Mannheim or Heidelberg. Electric buses that run there use...

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Node.js / React / AWS

Vacation request, recruitment statuses, documents, calendar with important events and much more - all this in one application that we created to streamline operations within the company...

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End-to-end from the first step for as long as you need

As a reliable software company we’re focused on delivering the best quality IT services. However, we’ve discovered that programming skills give us a very particular opportunity...

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