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Filip Kotowski

Head of Delivery

End-to-end project management

Customers sometimes are not aware of all challenges awaiting for them during product development. We can offer our expertise in project management to fulfill customer expectation and smoothly deliver best product. With realization of our projects we are using modern agile methodologies to keep project in pace and allow our customers to be involved in any part. This approach also help us to be 100 % transparent, what we are working on and what we will be doing next.



Project Management with modern agile methodologies is key to provide successful product for customers.

Designing application

Our UI/UX specialists together with system analyst can help you design application according to your requirements. Also our architects make sure to make it scalable and being able to resist extended traffic. We can also check your existing work and propose improvements.

Transparent plan

When we will start cooperation, we will propose a plan according to your needs. You will know every step we take and approximate completion time. Everything will be clear as ice.

Reporting progress

We are working in Agile methodology and performing review every one-two weeks. All the stuff done in the past period would be presented. We can also report is in a different way- e-mail or other suitable for you.

Continuos communication

During our cooperation we are available for you everyday to discuss our business. We are open for communication.



Sometimes good advice is all we need. We can use our expertise to help you solve your problems.

  • Your code is not perfect?
  • You don’t know how to start a project?
  • You need some knowledge of agile or any development process?

Contact us and we are eager to help you!

End-to-end from the first step for as long as you need

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