Mateusz Kowalski

Backend Developer

Coding is a big part of my life — I’m both a professional programmer and a hobbyist. I even spend my free time, i.e., prototyping in Arduino. Programming is definitely a state of mind I fell in love with, but I’m careful not to get completely stuck in it. There’s no use of a programmer’s brain if it’s exhausted with screen light and loads of code. I mean, I spend quite a lot of time gaming, too. It’s also a huge hobby of mine! But when my mind and body push my away from my computer gear, I usually go into the wild. Skiing, kayaking, and mountain biking run in my blood, as well. And that’s about it! I’m happy I found present to you a part of myself.

My technology stack


React Native / TypeScript / JavaScript / CSS


Node.js / Serverless Framework / Prisma / Lambda / Express.js


PostgreSQL / MongoDB / MySQL / Redis


Embedded Systems / Arduino / C++ / Jest / Mocha / ESLint / Git / Postman / Docker / AWS

My contributions


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