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Big Data Specialist

Mateusz Terczyński

Both privately and professionally I like experimenting and trying out new things, so my hobbies change from time to time — however programming is a constant. Right now, I cook a lot, try out new recipes and cuisines. If the weather is calm, I have fun roller-skating. And if I have more free gaps in my calendar, you can find me on a train or a plane on my way to visit unknown places. These are my favourite distractions from the daily routine and pressure. At work, I’m especially passionate about data processing, big data- and databases-related topics. For the most of my professional life I’ve been a Java developer, but I’m always eager to get to know new technologies and face new challenges.


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Technology stack


Java / Spring / Python


PostgreSQL / Cassandra / Redis / Hive


Big data / Hadoop / Storm / Git / Docker / AWS / Clean code / Design patterns / SQL

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