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Backend Developer

Michał Turbański

Since high school I was very intrigued by how I can create a working website or application out of nothing. For a long time, programming was just my hobby - together with my classmates from university, we were creating useful applications for ourselves. I usually programmed frontend because I like to see the results of my work right away. But when I had to write an engineering thesis, backend was also necessary. And then I completely changed my approach to server-side programming. I started to develop more and more in this direction. Thanks to Codetain I’ve met a lot of amazing people and I appreciate how much I can learn from them. Privately, I like to spend time hiking in the mountains, riding a bike and practicing the national sport of Poles - BBQ.


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Technology stack


Bootstrap / SASS


Node.js / Express / NestJS


PostgreSQL / MySQL / SQLite / MongoDB


TypeScript / Sequelize / TypeORM / Mongoose / Jest / NPM / Git / Docker / Postman / Arduino / Raspberry Pi

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End-to-end from the first step for as long as you need

As a reliable software company we’re focused on delivering the best quality IT services. However, we’ve discovered that programming skills give us a very particular opportunity...

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