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Energy Market

Energy Market app for advanced battery storage management

Imagine being in charge of a huge battery storage where you’re responsible for electricity sales and an appropriate energy distribution among monitored devices. Stationary storage administrators need a solid support of a reliable software that enables a clear insight into all the needed specific data. Having that in mind, we created the Energy Market app.

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React / Node.js / AWS / Python


Revolutionizing Battery Management

Effective electricity distribution through

advanced data analytics and real-time system monitoring.

The "Energy Market" app is a comprehensive software solution designed to optimize the management of large-scale battery storage systems for electricity sales and distribution. Developed using Node.js, React, AWS, and Python, this application provides stationary storage administrators with critical insights and tools to effectively monitor and manage energy distribution across multiple devices.

All data is transmitted securely to our Energy Market Platform, accessible via a user-friendly dashboard. Here, you can manage battery allocations, view detailed performance analytics, or configure new access permissions for system users. Every piece of data is maintained in accordance with the highest standards of data security.

Project Background

Streamlining energy management with secure,

cloud-based battery system monitoring.

With the increase in renewable energy solutions, the management of large-scale battery storage has become crucial for maintaining energy efficiency and reliability. The "Energy Market" app was developed to meet the growing need for sophisticated tools that can handle complex data analytics and real-time decision-making in the energy sector. Another crucial point is to gain access to flexible management of the huge resources hidden in the batteries. Big battery storages can have quite an impact on the grid during high energy-demanding periods.


Data Management and Analysis

Handling the vast amount of data generated by large-scale battery storage systems and converting it into actionable insights.

Real-Time Monitoring and Response

Ensuring the system could monitor energy levels and distribution in real-time, with the ability to respond rapidly to changes in demand or supply.

User Interface Complexity

Creating an interface that could display complex data in an understandable format without overwhelming the user.


Tech Stack

Utilizing Node.js and Python for backend development to process large datasets and perform complex analytics. React was chosen for the frontend to provide a dynamic and responsive user experience, while AWS offers a scalable and secure cloud environment for hosting the application.

Advanced Analytics Engine

Developing a sophisticated analytics engine using Python to analyze energy usage patterns and predict future trends, which helps in optimizing energy distribution.

Simplified Dashboard

Designing a user-friendly dashboard with most recent minimalistic design and UX principles. That allows administrators to get a clear view of the entire system at a glance, including real-time updates on energy storage levels and distribution metrics. Usage of modern libraries of React helped us to create a consistent design.

Key Functionalities

Battery Management

The app provides comprehensive tools for monitoring battery health, usage, and efficiency, enabling administrators to maintain maximum performance with gentle battery treatment allowing to extend its life to maximum.

Peak Shaving

It helps in reducing energy consumption during peak demand times, thereby minimizing energy costs and alleviating strain on the grid by blocking extensive energy usage above a certain level.

Dynamic Load Management

Administrators can effectively manage and distribute energy across various devices and systems, ensuring stability and reducing the risk of overloads. Another key functionality here is to decide when energy should be stored and when can be used or sold for maximum cost efficiency.


Advancing energy solutions:

the impact of the Energy Market app

The "Energy Market" app has revolutionized how stationary storage administrators manage their systems. It has provided a robust platform for efficiently monitoring and controlling large-scale battery storage, ensuring optimal electricity sales and energy distribution. The app's advanced features and intuitive design have made it a critical tool in the energy sector, supporting sustainable energy management practices.


Energy Market app:

pioneering energy management

The "Energy Market" app stands as a pivotal development in energy management technology, providing essential tools and insights for efficient operation of large-scale battery storage systems. Its ongoing development and refinement will continue to push boundaries in energy distribution and management technology, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of the industry.

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