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TMH Webshop

TMH Webshop - An e-commerce site for Mobility House

We are implementing the business needs of the client, integrating them with the 3rd party systems (like ERP, CRM, etc.), updating the system, keeping it secure by applying proper patches, and detecting and solving bottlenecks in critical paths (e.g. buying paths). Everything is done with Adobe guidelines and by developers with the Adobe certificates.

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Magento 2 / PHP / AWS


Gear for the green revolution

A place where you can buy all the necessary things for electric vehicles and more.

There is no doubt that electric vehicles, chargers, power management systems, V2G, and many more are hot topics these days. You can read a lot of articles and watch a lot of videos about these technologies. But besides them, people need a place to find and buy all the hardware for their electric vehicles, request installation services, and many more. This last sentence can summarize this case study for the e-commerce site on which we're working for our partner - The Mobility House.

Our main responsibilities

Integrating with the 3rd party systems

These days, all severe merchants aren’t relying only on the installed shop system. It is necessary to integrate this shop with other tools like ERP, PIM, or CRM systems to share responsibilities between them. Thanks to such integrations, our partner can scale the revenues, increase their business operations, and better understand and support his customers.

Securing all critical paths

The ability to order things on the e-commerce site is one of the basic requirements of every store. But we need to be aware that there might be other scenarios that are important for our partners. Our e-commerce team is responsible for detecting such paths and making every effort to secure these paths by implementing automated tests. These tests check whether all the functions important to our partner are working as intended..

Keeping store up to date

As the e-commerce industry is growing very dynamically, there is a need to protect e-commerce sites against various threats. That is why, as a technical partner, we take care of it. We are responsible for applying 0-day patches, updating the store with infrastructure to a newer version, and advising our partner on how to use it safely.

Improving… ourselves

Trust is one of the important assets in the e-commerce branch. Therefore, we want to deliver the best solutions for our partners and keep them feeling that they are in good hands. That’s why our developers constantly update their knowledge and confirm it by passing the Adobe Certification process. This quality is translated into the codebase of our partner, as every solution is designed according to Adobe's guidelines and recommendations, making the code base and update process easier.

Improving performance

Performance is a very important aspect of any e-commerce website. Customers like to use pages that run very fast, and many studies prove that there is a correlation between high performance and conversion rate. Therefore, we are constantly trying to detect places where we can tweak performance and provide the customers with the best experience we can. Especially for important customer paths that are part of the checkout process.

End-to-end from the first step for as long as you need

As a reliable software company we’re focused on delivering the best quality IT services. However, we’ve discovered that programming skills give us a very particular opportunity...

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