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PHP Tech Lead

Artur Lemański

Writing this description of myself I discovered how varied my personality is. Somehow, I hadn’t noticed that before. Among my hobbies you can find electronic music, technology, gym, and lately… ballroom dancing. Maybe that’s why I feel that I fit Codetain so perfectly. Each of us is different and crazy in their very own way! But we sure have two things in common — programming in our blood and the sense of green mission. I love working at Codetain because of the fantastic atmosphere and my talented and inspiring colleagues! I can’t imagine a better place for myself.


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Technology stack


PHP / Magento 2 / Laravel


JavaScript / jQuery / Knockout.js / RequireJS / CSS / LESS


MySQL / SQLite / Redis


Elasticsearch / Unit testing / Git / Webpack / Vagrant / Docker / REST / Memcached / Linux

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My activity

Blog posts

Have you migrated from Magento 1 platform? If not, then you have a good reason to do it as soon as possible.

Can you remember my previous articles where I wrote that Adobe stopped supporting the Magento 1 platform for good? If not, you can read this post here and get familiar with the topic. In short, I...

Adobe stops supporting Magento 1: What does this mean for your online business and why should you care?

In 2008, when someone was thinking seriously about having an online store, they would usually have picked a store based on the Magento platform. Back then, Magento 1 was very popular for merchants...

Why is it important for your business to create high-quality software?

Creating software consistent with good programming practices and containing popular design patterns is beneficial on almost all fields of the software product. Increasing of overall performance,...

End-to-end from the first step for as long as you need

As a reliable software company we’re focused on delivering the best quality IT services. However, we’ve discovered that programming skills give us a very particular opportunity...

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