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Open ID: connecting Keycloak and RabbitMQ [Part 2]

We've heard you can't wait for the second part of our Keycloak-RabbitMQ article. We won't let you wait any longer – enjoy!

Open ID: connecting Keycloak and RabbitMQ [Part 1]

Looking for help with Keycloak and RabbitMQ or trying to understand why and how to use them together? I’m happy to bring you the answers with my mini-series of articles on connecting these two...

Lambda in TypeScript with Serverless Framework

Hello everyone. Today I'd like to show you how to create your own lambda function in typescript. To achieve this I’ll use the serverless framework and AWS cloud. But first, let’s start with some...

Introduction to FastAPI — a great modern web framework

Hi folks! It has been some time since I last wrote an article. I had lots of work, but now I’m back! Today I would like to present you my favourite web framework in Python - FastAPI. This framework...

Understanding Redux: Beginner's guide

When you are a junior developer, learning Redux can be something really overwhelming. This leads to avoiding it at all cost and using alternatives like MobX, ContextAPI or simple React Hooks. It's...

Why is setState giving me the wrong value?

In the React environment, working with properties and states is an obvious thing, because both props and states represent rendered values, i.e., what’s currently seen on the screen. To apply...

Animate elements on page scroll

Finally I can share with you another post about React and GSAP, in this case I’ll show how to create animations when scrolling our page.

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