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The Basics of Scrum with Codetain: Intro

I’ve stumbled upon an interesting statement that project management frameworks and methodologies were made no to make the development faster, but to prevent the chaos while implementing a given...

How Software Development Has Changed - The Agile Methodology

Software development has changed during the years. It used to be perceived as a bunch of software developers sitting in a small dark room and coding. Presently, the IT is spread across all the...

Home office - how to do it?

Home office is a good way to allow people to work, even if they are not able to attend to the office. It is became very important during current situation.

Electric vehicles – understanding the electricity

Fossil fuels are running out, pollution is a threat, people are looking for ways to save money, those are the reasons why we are looking for alternatives in the automotive industry. We are...

As a reliable software company we’re focused on delivering the best quality IT services. However, we’ve discovered that programming skills give us a very particular opportunity...

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