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How to improve your Github profile?

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Hello everyone!

Hope you all liked my last posts in the development category. Now it’s time to show you a quick tip on improving your GitHub profile.

You've most likely seen some easter eggs in games or movies, well there is also at least one in our development world :).

Lets start from the very beginning. If you're starting your career as a programmer / developer you have to be familiar with the concept of version control, for me Github platform is the best for that. Did you know that it can do more than repos & contributions?

To show this easter egg and of course make your profile more attractive for others, lets create a new repository with the same name as your username.

Of course I did It before, so that’s why the error appears, but you shouldn't see this error so go ahead and click the ‘Create repository’ button :)!

After that you can edit your profile page on Github platform.

To make it clear, we need to modify the file. And to make it easier, there are some tips on editing .md files :


This is a simple example:

After completing your file just commit your changes and visit your profile page. For example here is mine:

If you are wondering how I presented my stats and most used languages, you can visit this link to get more tips on that:

Feel free to work more with your file and make your profile better or more attractive. Remember to practice with your files in repos to make your projects clear for other users. Don’t forget to include your Github profile in your CV!

You can check my profile here: My profile

Best regards ;)!

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