Daniel Gola

Frontend Developer

As a teenager, I never thought that ‘knowledge is the ultimate power tool’ would become my motto. But here I am now — working at Codetain and learning from really awesome senior developers. I spend my evenings gaming with my friends, reading thrillers or developing my own projects. Lately, I found out that there is no such a thing as enough knowledge for a good programmer. But it’s ok! I love coding and learning something new every day. If I’m not taking programming courses, I’m probably taking pictures for my photography portfolio. I like having different hobbies. Actually, having extremely various interests is a common thing at Codetain! Oh, and as a true resident od lubuskie province, I’m a huge fan of żużel (en. speedway)! :D

Technology Stack


  • React
  • Gatsby
  • Reac-Native
  • Redux
  • styled-components


  • Axios
  • ESlint
  • NPM
  • Git



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