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Backend Tech Lead

Adrian Gawron

Why do I like working at Codetain? Because of the excellent coffee we have in the office! Yeah, ok, maybe there’s something more. Something like a friendly atmosphere, people who really are great programmers eager to share their knowledge and to beat you up in playing board games or that we’re not just employees but an essential part of the company… I think that might be the reason, too. After work, I’m usually playing various musical instruments and watching good movies. My other hobbies are motosports, vehicles (especially the American automotive industry!), and tinkering.


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Technology stack


Node.js / Express / Fastify


PostgreSQL / MS SQL / MySQL / SQLite / Redis


Sequelize / Balena / Postman / Swagger / Sentry / Mocha / ESLint / SOLID / Gulp / Babel / Clean code / Refactoring / Design patterns / Microservices / NPM / Unit testing / RabbitMQ / Git / Docker / ElasticSearch

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My activity

Blog posts

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